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Elevate Resiliency!

Elevated Woman: Black History Month Celebration!

Join us for our Black History Month Celebration & Awards presentation!  We are focusing on the present and future to display Black excellence, achievement and resilience of Black Women.
We will celebrate the contributions the diverse Black community has made and continues to make in Scarborough and Toronto, Canada.

In celebration of the Energetic New Year or Spring, as many know it, we will celebrate by hosting a Virtual Vision Board Party.

We invite you to sign up for a time of togetherness and co-creation.

Our Spring Equinox, Vision Board Party, will be held on Sunday, March 19, at 2 pm.

You can use the registration link below to sign up. You will receive all the details when you sign up!

Our Values


To enhance the resiliency of Black/racialized women and youth in the GTA.


To provide a safe space for Black/racialized  women and youth to engage in building their capacity for self-actualization.


Self-efficacy, Wellness, Positive Cultural Identity and Artistic Expression.

Elevate, Empower, Educate, Energize, + Equip


Elevate Resiliency is a safe space community that supports and advocates for Gender-Based Violence Prevention, Decent Work, Wellness & Well-being as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

We curate Wellness Circles & Safe-space Healing Circle programs and supports for marginalized women who have experienced gender-based violence and trauma. 

Our Resilient Youth programming focuses on wellness workshops and financial literacy supports.

Elevate Resiliency Background

Elevate Resiliency exists to provide a safe space for Black women/mothers and families to engage in meaningful experiences. 

Our programs, advocacy and services are aimed to impact the overall well-being of Black/racialized women and youth by increasing access to resources including holistic, traditional and indigenous ways of knowing. Through our platform, we hold space  for our community to feel safe, supported and empowered to explore mindful choices in their lives. Our goal is to increase their capacity for self-efficacy in order to reduce the disparities systemic oppression and assist them in making progress toward their personal goals.


Our Work & Advocacy

Sister Circle
Wellness & Well-being activations for marginalized women who have experienced gender-based violence and trauma.
Decent Work
We are working in partnership with sector leaders to initiate a campaign that actively contributes to the economic development of black and racialized women.
Resilient Youth
Our Youth Wellness Workshops explore the topics of mental health, social emotional wellness, mindfulness, healthy eating, cyber safety, human trafficking prevention (healthy relationships), building resilience and developing a wellness toolbox.

Our Supporters

Support Our Elevated Woman & Youth Resilience Work.


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