About Us

We are a safe space community that supports and advocates for gender-based violence prevention, decent work, wellness, well-being as well as equity, diversity and inclusion.

Women’s Wellness Groups- Curating Wellness Circle sessions for marginalized women who have experienced abuse or sexual trauma.

Resilient Youth- Youth wellness workshops, Student Internships and placements as well as financial literacy supports.

Decent Work- working in partnership with sector leaders to initiate a campaign that actively contributes to the economic development of black and racialized women Equity, Diversity & Inclusion – building awareness about the need for implementation of best-practices.

Our programs and services impact the overall well-being of Black/racialized women and youth by increasing access to consistent, caring adults and peers by integrating holistic traditional and indigenous ways of knowing to create a platform for our community to feel healthy, safe and empowered to explore mindful choices in their lives. Our goal is to increase their self-efficacy so that we can reduce the disparities of their oppression and assist them in making progress toward their personal goals.

Laura Hammond

Laura Hammond is a co-founder of Elevate Resiliency and a community advocate who is passionate about personal growth and helping others. Laurs is actively working to decolonize wellness by creating community and providing intentional accessibility using ancestral practices of land stewardship. Laura is also an entrepreneur, storyteller, and community builder with 10+ years of experience in community development committed to enabling people and organizations to reach their fullest potential.

Alisha Williams

Alisha Williams,  co-founder of Elevate Resiliency, is a Wellness Educator, Healing Centred Nurse Consultant, Youth Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher. Over the 18 years of Alisha’s nursing career, she has worked in many nursing roles particularly in community nursing and with clients recovering from sexual violence. Recently as the founder of Timeless Care, Alisha has been a Burnout Recovery Coach for other health providers. Through Elevate Resiliency, Alisha aims to leave a legacy of Wellness and Healing by providing a safe space for BIPOC women and young people to feel seen, heard, appreciated and supported.

Our Why


To enhance the resiliency of Black/racialized women and youth in the GTA.


To provide a safe space for Black/racialized  women and youth to engage in building their capacity for self-actualization.


Self efficacy, Wellness, Positive Cultural Identity and Artistic Expression.

Decent Work Advocacy

Racialized and gender-based violence are deeply intertwined and rooted in prejudice and discrimination. Elevate Resiliency recognizes that just outcomes for Decent Work for Black and Racialized women is the starting point to address trauma and systemic socio-economic oppression experienced by those who are most marginalized in our society. Our desired impact is to sustain decent work for Black women. Our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion work aims to raise the level of awareness of the need for such a strategy in the sector.

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Our Supporting Organizations


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